The Wine Bar

Uniqueness and distinction are key components of The Barge Inn offer.

At the Wine Bar you will find prestigious labels to be enjoyed in a most pleasant atmosphere. A selection of finely prepared Italian courses supplement the wines available. The carefully researched wine list combines a variety of highly requested labels with smaller, ‘boutique’ wines.

The Barge Inn’s Wine Bar aims to attract, intrigue, and acquaint people with the first tier of oeno- gastronomic proposals: a pairing of wine and food to set palates alight!

Wine List

This wine list provides a glimpse of the three basic principles of Simplicity, Familiarity and Innovativeness.

Simplicity refers to the language and easy choice we provide (‘less is more’).

Familiarity looks at the choice of grape varieties the consumer can recognise such as choosing the right wine, while sitting with the right people in the right setting.

Innovation can bring about the discovery of new, quirky and unexpected wine regions not experienced before by the adventurous drinker.


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Wine and Food Paring

The pairing of food and wine has become an important expectation for demanding wine drinkers and this requires very structured approaches to promote and suggest the best match with certain foods.

It is based on the fundamental principles of the interaction between primary food tastes and the main component of a certain wine.

For example the acidity of an Albarino can cut through the oily fatness of smoked salmon or a Spanish Manzanilla can be ideally matched to the saltiness of anchovies, not to mention a 20 Year old Tawny Port that can perfectly complement the chocolate and almond flavours of a dessert with its accent of dried figs, toffee and nuts.

Our food-wine paring choices cover some key consumers trends as well. For example our customers can choose the well known wine varieties such as Prosecco or Malbec. It would be a misdemeanour to think of a menu without it.

The pairing experience is aimed to give our customers a sense of familiarity and reassuring simplicity, created by a knowledgeable and professional staff capable of guiding our customers towards the best pairing experience.


menu pdf


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The Barge Inn is located on the Kennet and Avon canal at Honeystreet in Wiltshire

Today visitors from all over the world are invited to try our Italian food, beer, selected wines and music events that are held regularly throughout the year


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