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09/03/2013: Sharp rise in UFO sightings in South Africa

In recent months, Capetown has become a hotbed of potential extra-terrestrial activity; with some suggesting that we are being watched from another world. Gert Jordaan, founder of 'UFO Research of South Africa' reported that during the week following the 21st of February many people saw bright orange lights in the sky.

The extreme speed of the objects, coupled with their erratic and sudden changes in direction suggested that these objects were not just the result of a simple meteor shower. In an interview with the Times, Jordaan suggested that they might be "top-secret aircraft" or that they may be the result of "life from another planet surveying ours" with the potential of them "offering knolwedge".

Artist Simon Beck & one of his snow cricles.
15/01/2013: The rise of snow circles.

Long associated with patterns appearing in wheat fields during the Summer months (particularly late July and early August), a new trend is emerging in the creation of these mysterious crop circles. In fact, they are now being created in the depths of winter and made in snow rather than fields - even appearing parks and other urban areas. Their origin is also mysterious in many cases, although some can certainly be attributed to a human creator. For example, the work of French artist Simon Beck, famed for creating huge artworks on mountain slopes during 2012.

The patterns he creates form highly complex geometric patterns and many have symbolic meanings, Simon described some of his work as representing "the continuation of life". The snow installations can take between six hours and two days to finish, sometimes even longer if the harsh mountain weather sets in. The pieces can then last for a few days up to several weeks if conditions remain favourable.

More recently, Crop Circle like patterns appeared in a park in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. Which whilst unknown in origin, was prescribed by most towns people to be decidedly earthly in origin. One local resident said "I dunno, it was crazy. Who did it?" In fact the matter proved so perplexing that the park snow circles were featured on a news segment by Fox News entitled "unusual shapes found". You can watch the full report below: