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Crop Circles Nearby

Created by as yet undetermined entities – probably Aliens – Crop Circles are large areas of crops that have been flattened into patterns. Although calling them circles is sometimes a bit of a misnomer; as they are by no means always that shape. Whilst the exact date of the ‘First Flattening’ is not known for sure, the number of them exploded from the 1970’s onwards.

They have been found all around the world, but nearly 90% of them are found in southern England and particularly Wiltshire! Over the years, many have appeared near The Barge Inn, Wiltshire and some are featured below.

2012 Formations

The huge, 'Intergalactic Venus Sunfish'

2011 Formations

The Two Stage 'Triquetra' Formation
Yet further proof that Aliens regularly visit The Barge Inn and, as it turns out, are rather fond of the pub's specially brewed Croppie Ale. Our research indicates that the 'Triquetra' formation, which appeared nearby, in the shadow of Milk Hill and the White Horse, in 2011 was inspired by the logo and symbolism of Croppie Ale.

2010 Formations

A complex formation found in East Field near Alton Barnes