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Introducing the 2013

Alien Crop Circle Challenge

100,000 Pint Prize!

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft. We want to prove once and for all that crop circles are made by aliens, so we are putting down a challenge to visitors from outer space. We want you to re-create the largest crop circle ever seen, the legendary 'Galaxy' formation that appeared at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on 12th August 2001. Since that time many so called researchers and scientists have claimed it to be the work of human "hoaxers". But we think otherwise, and to prove the point we are going to entice alien circle makers to re-create it by offering a prize of 100.000 pints of Croppie Ale to any alien who is up to the task.

The 'Galaxy' Crop Circle that must be recreated.
Image courtesy of Steve Alexander

It is an indisputable fact that some aliens travel two million light years just to sup a pint of their beloved Croppie Ale at The Barge Inn and no doubt it inspires them to create these wonderful formations in Wiltshire's wheat fields. So my little green friends, this is your chance to claim rightful authorship for all those wonderful formations you have created over the years and put those human hoaxers in their place. A lifetime supply of your favourite ale awaits you. But first a few rules, just in case the hoaxers are putting on their green jump suits.

Challenge Rules

1. The challenge is only open to genuine aliens, who are in possession of a valid passport from another world.
2. The winning entrant must submit themselves for DNA testing and give the challenge organisers a ride in their spacecraft.
3. The Galaxy formation must be re-created exactly as the original, during the hours of darkness, in fields within a three mile radius of the Barge Inn. 'East Field' is out of bounds due to 'node overload' technical difficulties.
4. Challengers may use any method to create the formation except light refraction neutron stompers which are banned in the EU.
5. The challenge ends at 7am on 31st August 2013 and the prize of 100,000 pints of Croppie must be consumed at the Barge Inn before 2050. No carry-outs are permissible.
6. Overnight parking of space craft is available at the Barge by prior arrangement with the management. You are reminded that Phasers should be set to stun whilst on licensed premises.
7. Decisions by Professor Vogelheim, the challenge adjudicator, will be final.